Best Crystal River Fishing Charters

//Best Crystal River Fishing Charters

Best Crystal River Fishing Charters

Searching the internet for the best Crystal River fishing charters may feel overwhelming and a bit exhausting if you’re unfamiliar with the Crystal River area or what qualities make up a first-rate fishing guide.  So here are a few tips on what to consider before booking your next charter.

Crystal River Fishing Charters with Comfort

Flats fishing boats are different than offshore boats and simply stated they’re just not as roomy and physically can’t be to navigate the shallow seagrass beds and rocky outcroppings along the nature coast.  However, Captain Don has taken your comfort into consideration when designing his vessel.  Don has physically rebuilt his boat from bow to stern to make the most efficient use of space for the comfort for his clients and the best use of space to accommodate multiple anglers.  So whether you’re a single angler or a party of five, you’ll find that Flats Chance Charters has the space to provide the best Crystal River fishing charters for your needs.


Convenience-Based Crystal River Fishing Charters

Captain Don has developed lifelong relationships with all of the major marinas and lodging establishments in the Crystal River area and has access to meet and greet guests on their properties.

Don is a preferred guide at the Plantation on Crystal River and frequently hotel guests literally roll out of bed, walk to the docks and are on way out to the Gulf of Mexico in mere minutes.   In addition, any boat accessible waterfront private rental or waterfront homeownCrystal River Fishing Charterser on the Crystal River or Homosassa River can be picked up dockside when booking a charter with Flats Chance Charters.

To ensure that your valuable time is spent fishing and less time boat riding, Captain Don has a plan and reaches the targeted hot spots to make the most of your day on the water.  With thousands of hours logged on the water exploring nooks and crannies along the mangrove islands and shorelines, captain Don knows the best route to get to the most promising fishing spots of the day.


Available and Dependable Fishing Charters

To start planning your next fishing trip, there are several methods for you to inquire about fishing charter availability and connect with Captain Don via phone, email or text message.  As a professional and one of the best Crystal River fishing charters be assured that you’ll receive a phone call back in a timely manner. Captain Don spends a considerable amount of time on the water fishing or exploring new fishing territory so if your phone call  goes to voice mail don’t worry,  often your call will be returned once Captain arrives back at the docks.

If the original date you’ve selected to fish is not available Captain Don will work with you to find alternatives that fit your schedule.  In the event Don is previously booked, he has a network of qualified captains who he’ll have contact you so you don’t have to spend your hard earned vacation time calling and leaving messages with multiple non-vetted fishing guides.

To ensure the best Crystal River fishing charters experience you want a captain who is dependable, on time and considerate of your time.  Captain Don Chancey will always be at the docks early and prepared for a day on the water.  So pick the best time of the year for your Florida fishing vacation, and be assured that the best Crystal River fishing charter experience is waiting for by choosing Flats Chance Charters.


About the Author:

Don Chancey is the Captain and owner of Flats Chance Fishing Charters. Don took his passion, love, and knowledge of offshore fishery and created a highly rated Flats Fishing Charter located in Homosassa. Don is also married to his wife Marla who joins him on most of their fishing trips.