What is the Best Time of Year to Hire a Homosassa Scalloping Charter?

//What is the Best Time of Year to Hire a Homosassa Scalloping Charter?

What is the Best Time of Year to Hire a Homosassa Scalloping Charter?

Scalloping is a fun adventure, and many people compare it to a treasure hunt in the water. Are you planning this excursion for your family? It is important that you look at the calendar to plan your trip around the scalloping season. Then, book your Homosassa Scalloping charter in advance to ensure that you have seats on the boat.

When is Scalloping Season?Homosassa scalloping charter

The official season for scalloping in Florida is between June 25th and September 24th. Since it falls in the summer season, a Homosassa Scalloping charter is a great activity that you can plan when the kids are out of school.

Even though you can go scalloping any time during the season, there are a few considerations that might impact your experience. If you want big scallops, then you should plan a trip later in the season. Also, the crowds thin out later in the year, giving you a quieter experience without a lot of people around.

If you are planning your trip in the middle of the season, then you might consider booking the charter mid-week to avoid the crowds. Your captain can make suggestions about the best locations depending on the day and the anticipated crowds.

Do You Need a Fishing License?

Is it necessary to get a fishing license if you are going scalloping? Yes, everyone over the age of 16 will need a valid Florida fishing license. But, you don’t have to worry about getting the license because we will provide it for you. Our crew at Flats Chance Charters provides a full-service boat, allowing you to relax on your vacation. We will handle the details for you!

What to Bring on the Homosassa Scalloping Charter

Before you get on the boat, there are a few thing that you need to prepare. Each person needs to come on board in their swimming suit, with a set of snorkeling gear. You will need a mask, snorkel, and fins to navigate in the water. We will be swimming in shallow water, but you might want lifejackets for your children.

If you want to enjoy food or beverages on the boat, then make sure to bring a cooler. It is nice to enjoy a snack and a cool drink when you get out of the water.

Other items should include a towel to dry off, eco-friendly sunscreen, bug spray, sunglasses, and a hat to cover up if you want to get out of the sun. You are welcome to bring a beach bag with any other personal items that might be needed for the day.

Book Your Upcoming Trip

Are you excited about scheduling a scalloping trip for your family? The best thing that you can do is talk to a Homosassa Scalloping charter to get the best service in the area. Call Captain Don Chancey at Flats Chance Charters to learn more about the adventure that you can share with your family. We offer the best scalloping service in Homosassa and Crystal River: (352) 303-9399


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