Boat Safety Tips for Your Homosassa Fishing Trip

//Boat Safety Tips for Your Homosassa Fishing Trip

Boat Safety Tips for Your Homosassa Fishing Trip

When you are planning a Homosassa fishing trip, it is essential that you choose a charter with high safety standards. A fun day on the water could quickly turn into a scary situation if someone is injured. But, there is no reason to worry because the right safety features on the boat can keep your family protected.

Safety While FishingHomosassa fishing

Anytime you are spending the day on the water; there is a risk that someone could drown. Even though you are with a group of experienced swimmers, something unexpected could happen. So, it is best to choose a fishing charter that offers emergency life preservers, as well as a first aid kit in case an injury happens.

Beginning fishers often prefer to book a flats fishing trip instead of an open water excursion. Flats fishing is done in shallow water. Typically, the area is protected by inlets and islands. Since the water is smooth and glassy, you don’t have to worry about dealing with the big waves that rock the boat on the open water.

Understanding the Waterfronts

On a do-it-yourself fishing trip, you could be leading your family into an unknown situation. If you don’t understand the area, then the best solution is to hire a guide who knows the best locations for your excursions.

Not only will your Homosassa fishing guide be able to offer advice about the right fishing spots, but they can also help you avoid areas that might be affected by high tide or weather.

To protect yourself, make sure that you stay in areas that permit fishing. The “off limits” areas are prohibited for a reason: to protect your safety and preserve the wildlife. Captain Don Chancey knows the best places that allow fishing, while still offering a quiet location away from the crowds.

Equipment for Your Homosassa Fishing Trip

There are a few items that you should bring along to protect you from the harsh weather. Dress in layers, so that you can adjust your clothing if you get too hot or too cold. Bring high-quality sunscreen and bug spray, which both need to be reapplied frequently throughout the day.

It is also a good idea to have maps, a cell phone, plenty of water, and a flashlight. You might not need to use these items, but they can be helpful to have on board if something goes wrong.

When you are working with the hooks or fishing knives, use caution to avoid hooking your hand or cutting your fingers. Your guide will be able to offer education and tips about how to safely handle the equipment.

With the right precautions, you can easily avoid some of the dangers that can occur on a fishing trip. The best solution is to ensure that you have an experienced Homosassa fishing guide to offer support for the day. Call Captain Don Chancey for more information about the charter trips that are available. Flats Chance Charters is one of the leading fishing companies in the area, and we would love to help you have a fun, safe day on the water: (352) 303-9399


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Don Chancey is the Captain and owner of Flats Chance Fishing Charters. Don took his passion, love, and knowledge of offshore fishery and created a highly rated Flats Fishing Charter located in Homosassa. Don is also married to his wife Marla who joins him on most of their fishing trips.