What Should You Expect on a Crystal River Scalloping Excursion?

//What Should You Expect on a Crystal River Scalloping Excursion?

What Should You Expect on a Crystal River Scalloping Excursion?

If you are looking for something different than a traditional fishing trip, then you should consider the option of booking a scalloping excursion. Fishing is a fun way to spend the day in the sun, but some people like to enjoy a cool dip in the water. Crystal River scalloping is a great option for people who don’t want to spend the whole day on a boat.

What is Crystal River Scalloping?Crystal River scalloping

Recreational scalloping is a fun way to catch shellfish to enjoy for dinner while on vacation. Some people don’t like to manage fishing poles and a line, so the hands-on scalloping adventure is a better fit for their preferences.

When you are on a scalloping trip, the boat will stop in a quiet, shallow area. Most of the time, the water will be 10 feet deep or less, so that you can get to the scallops on the bottom. All of the swimmers will put on snorkel gear and start looking for the scallops in the water. You will want to wear your swimsuit, as well as a mask, snorkel, and fins.

These scallops are harvested by hand, or you can use a dip net to scoop up the scallops. Then, we will bring them on board the boat so that you can take them home for a meal.

Requirements for Scalloping

When you are scalloping in Florida, it is necessary to get a fishing license. Here at Flats Chance Charters, we will take care of the licensing before you get on the boat. So, you don’t have to worry about the paperwork or logistics before your trip.

Anyone between the ages of 16 and 65 will need a valid fishing license. Children under the age of 16 can go scalloping without a license. If you are a Florida resident over the age of 65, then it is not necessary to have a fishing license for a scalloping trip.

Limits for Scalloping

How much can you take home when you are on a Crystal River scalloping trip? According to the law, the limit is two gallons for each person when measuring scallops in the shell. If the meat is removed from the shells, then the limit is 1 pint of meat.

These limits are based on per person, per day. So, if you have a group of four people, then you can take home a bag limit of 8 gallons total. The maximum per boat, per day, is 1/2 gallon of scallop meat or 10 gallons of whole scallops. Once the scallops are on board, it is illegal to take them to non-harvest waters. Captain Don will ensure that you stay in the areas where you can harvest your scallops without legal issues.

Planning Your Crystal River Scalloping Trip

Scalloping is a fun activity for people of all ages! If you want to experience this adventure for yourself, then you can call Captain Don Chancey to learn more about charter trips on Crystal River. Talk to Flats Chance Charters to schedule your family vacation: (352) 303-9399


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