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What Is Homosassa Flats Fishing?

Homosassa Flats FishingHomosassa Flats Fishing also referred to as “shallow water fishing” or “skinny water angling” is the sport of saltwater fishing using customized shallow water boats to access hard to reach fishing spots using a variety of tactics and baits to catch a diversity of saltwater fish species.


Florida is known as the “Fishing Capital of the World” and many areas of Florida (West Palm Beach, The Florida Keys, and Destin) are famous for world record offshore game fish. In those sections of Florida, the water depth increases rapidly allowing anglers to reach 50-100 feet of water quite quickly, where fishermen can locate schools of fish by searching for floating debris or targeting artificial reefs. This section of Florida is quite a bit different. It takes longer to get to deep water.

The Gulf of Mexico basin overall resembles a large pit with a broad shallow rim. To get perspective, for every mile that you go offshore in Homosassa or Crystal River the water depth only increases by one foot. Therefore if you’re 10 miles offshore, you’re in 10 feet of water. Just image entering into a pool at the shallow end and how it slowly gets deeper towards the deep end. There’s no big drop offs just a slow steady slope.

Homosassa Flats FishingHomosassa and Crystal River are home to one of the largest shallow water seagrass meadows in the world. And where’s there’s seagrass there’s clear clean water and an abundance of marine life.

Experienced anglers and savvy guides know that changing fishing tactics is critical to “match the hatch” along the coastline. Using a six to seven-foot light tackle rod and reel combination and tossing soft plastics that mimic the look of baitfish is the most popular method for targeting trout.

Being aware of the tides and fishing with live pinfish, shrimp or cut mullet is a strategy I find successful when targeting redfish.

So no matter your experience level, or familiarity with the fishery, Captain Don can teach you to improve your cast to land the best results. Come join us and experience Homosassa Flats Fishing for yourself.