What is Homosassa Skinny Water Fishing?

//What is Homosassa Skinny Water Fishing?

What is Homosassa Skinny Water Fishing?

Do you love the thrill of reeling in a big fish on the line? Once you have learned to love fishing, it is a life-long hobby that you can enjoy with the family. If you are planning a family vacation, then you should consider the advantages of Homosassa skinny water fishing.

What is Homosassa Skinny Water Fishing?Homosassa skinny water fishing

The term “skinny water fishing” often refers to the skinny trout that can be found in Homosassa and the surrounding areas. These fish have a great flavor, and you can find the perfect conditions during certain times of the year.

When you are planning a fishing trip in Homosassa, then you should book a flats fishing charter. These boats are designed to navigate the river and stay in shallow water. Most of the time, flats fishing is done in water that is less than 10 feet deep.

Why Flats Fishing?

People who don’t understand the area might assume that shallow water fishing will result in small fish. But, the conditions in the flats are perfect to bring in larger fish without the need to head out to the open ocean.

These fishing spots have saltwater fish that are seeking refuge in the grass. It is the perfect fish feeding habitat, and the bigger fish come in to hunt the smaller ones. Flats fishing brings in a variety of fish, including shallow water grouper, mangrove snapper, sheep head (during the winter), flounder, Snook, Cobia, mackerel, trout, and redfish.

One of the main benefits of flats fishing is that the water is calm and serene. When you head out on a deep-sea fishing boat, it can be difficult to manage the sea sickness that can occur. Flats fishing gives you access to the saltwater fish that you want, without the discomfort of battling seasickness on the open water. If you start to feel queasy on a flats fishing trip, then you can always look up to see the shoreline.

Booking Your Fishing Trip

When you are ready to book your Homosassa skinny water fishing trip, you need to find a charter that will offer the services that you need. There are a variety of boat charters in the area, but the services vary depending on the boat. Choose a captain with a great track record and an excellent reputation, to ensure that you have a good experience.

You can bring the whole family on your Homosassa skinny water fishing trip. It is a great activity to relax after a busy day at the amusement parks in Orlando. If the family doesn’t like the idea of staying on the boat for the entire day, then you might consider booking a scalloping trip instead. When you are scalloping, you can jump in the water to gather the scallops with your hands or a net.

For more information about flats fishing, talk to Captain Don Chancey. His boat is docked at a convenient location near the Homosassa Riverfront Resort. Call Flats Chance Charters to schedule your upcoming fishing vacation. We are here to help: (352) 303-9399

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