How to Plan a Homosassa Mackerel Fishing Trip with Your Family

//How to Plan a Homosassa Mackerel Fishing Trip with Your Family

How to Plan a Homosassa Mackerel Fishing Trip with Your Family

Are you looking forward to planning a Homosassa mackerel fishing trip with your family? It is fun to prepare for an upcoming vacation, but some parents feel overwhelmed by trying to plan activities that their kids will enjoy. Here at Flats Chance Charters, we offer a variety of services to meet the needs of your family

Here are a few tips to help when you are planning an upcoming vacation:

1. Do Your ResearchHomosassa mackerel fishing

Once you have decided that a fishing trip is right for your family, you need to research the areas where you would like to visit. Florida is a great location for fishing because of the coastline and abundant flats areas with salt water. You don’t have to head out to the open water to catch saltwater fish! Instead, plan a flats charter that offers Homosassa mackerel fishing and other varieties.

Researching online can be a great way to learn more about the charter companies and the services that are offered. If you have questions, then you can always call the charter to find out if they can accommodate your needs.

2. Book in Advance

It can be disappointing to travel a long distance and find out at all of the boats are full! Instead of finding a fishing charter when you get into town, it is better to book your guide in advance. As soon as you buy your plane tickets, you should schedule your charter to ensure that the boat is available on the days you would like to go fishing.

3. Plan Different Activities

The kids might enjoy time with a fishing pole in hand, but you should consider other activities as well. For example, it can be a fun experience to jump in the water with snorkeling gear to go scalloping. We can help you pick the best location for your day trip so that you can go scalloping instead of fishing.

4. Be Prepared for the Day

Don’t show up at the boat empty-handed! You will want a few items for the adventure: sunglasses, hats, towels, sunscreen, bug spray, and any other personal items that might be needed. Also, it can be helpful to bring a cooler of water and drinks to keep everyone hydrated in the hot sun. Pack a lunch and bring snacks for the kids to enjoy on the boat.

Book Your Homosassa Mackerel Fishing Trip

As you learn more about Homosassa mackerel fishing, you will see that it is a fun activity for the whole family. If you have questions, then you can always call our charter service to learn more about the options that are available. We offer full-day and half-day trips to accommodate your preferences.

Captain Don Chancey is one of the leading fishing guides in the area. He offers a safe, fun adventure for the family. The boat is docked near the Homosassa Riverside Resort, providing an easy location where you can head out for the excursion. For more information, call Flats Chance Charters: (352) 303-9399


About the Author:

Don Chancey is the Captain and owner of Flats Chance Fishing Charters. Don took his passion, love, and knowledge of offshore fishery and created a highly rated Flats Fishing Charter located in Homosassa. Don is also married to his wife Marla who joins him on most of their fishing trips.