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Best Homosassa Scalloping Spots

What’s Special about Homosassa Scalloping?

Scallops are found worldwide, however bay scallops are not commercially harvested in Florida, and since the 1950’s the commercial bay scallop fishery in the United States has not been sustainable. So if you see bay scallops for sale at your local grocery store, be assured that they are not fresh from Florida.

The Florida Keys lobster season and the Homosassa scalloping season have three things in common: the season is short, the collection zone is geographically specific, and it’s a perfect excuse to swim all day. The most popular scalloping destinations on the west coast of Florida are Crystal River, Homosassa, and Steinhatchee.

Homosassa Scalloping Map

So what’s special about scallops? Snorkeling for your supper in less than 10 feet of water is a pretty unique experience. Since you can’t just waltz into a seafood market and buy a locally harvested scallop, this bi-valve is a treasured morsel for Best Homosassa Scalloping Spots2the Florida seafood lover. The only part eaten is a single large muscle (abductor muscle) producing a pure piece of white meat about the size of the tip of an index finger.

Florida residents, with their own boats, make up the majority of recreational scallopers and include scalloping as part of an annual pilgrimage to the Homosassa scalloping grounds. You don’t have to own a boat or live in Florida to go scalloping in Homosassa, just include a summer scalloping excursion in your life and book a trip with Captain Don Chancey to get you and your family to the Homosassa scalloping grounds.

What’s Special about Homosassa?

I had a friend tell me one time, it’s not about what Homosassa is that’s so cool, it’s about what Homosassa isn’t that makes it unique. Now that I think about it, she’s right. Homosassa isn’t a city, the only type of traffic we have-is boat traffic on the weekends. Homosassa isn’t so rural that you have to shop for groceries at a convenience store. Homosassa isn’t full of high rise condominiums and high priced hotels.

Homosassa Scalloping Party

What is special about the Homosassa River is that it has access to both saltwater, brackish water, and fresh water springs. The protected coastline of the St. Martin’s Keys combined with a gradual Gulf bottom slope allows for abundance and healthy seagrass beds and historically produces the best Homosassa scalloping spots in Citrus County.

Special Places –Overnight Lodging in Homosassa

The best Homosassa scalloping experience wouldn’t be complete unless at the end of the day you rest your weary snorkel ankles overnight somewhere on or near the water. Who wants to drive home salty and stinky when the alternative is having your feet kicked back with a beverage of your choice in your favorite Turvis tumbler? Homosassa Riverside Resort is the top choice for overnight accommodations in Old Homosassa. It’s on the water, has a tiki bar, restaurant, and a pool. But being the top choice, it can often fill up on the weekends.

Homosassa Scalloping Swim

A fantastic alternative would be renting a private home. The trusted source for waterfront vacation rentals in Homosassa is Property Management LLC, Robbie Anderson who personally handles all of listings and logistics has decades of experience matching the right property to meet your needs of your group. So if you don’t own a boat or you’d prefer not to fight the crowds at the boat ramp book a trip with Captain Don Chancey he can get you where you want to be, on the water with your friends and family.



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