Redfish and Scalloping Report Homosassa

//Redfish and Scalloping Report Homosassa

Redfish and Scalloping Report Homosassa

The Redfish bite is picking up here on the Crystal River and Southern Florida Gulf area, and we are starting to see more Redfish around the Mangrove Islands and scattered throughout the Island areas specifically. Here at Flats Chance Charter Fishing, I’ve found that my most successful fishing tactic has been to work the rocky points of the islands using live shrimp as well as live Pinfish or cut mullet to entice the Redfish to bite.

July marked the opening of scallop season. The scallops were not thick in the shallower water (3-4 ft range) and most reports of bag limits of scallops have been found in deeper water (5-7 ft.) A full moon and king tides combined with plenty of summer rain (freshwater influx) most likely are the reasons for the lower scallop counts this year but it is still a great deal of fun and we all love eating those scallops. It does take more skill to hunt scallops in the deeper waters and this change in environment is a temporary coastal phenomenon impacting the scallop grounds from Pasco County to Port St. Joe. We will take our charters to areas that are known to be easier and help you with your scalloping as much as possible to give you a successful trip!


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