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Hello everyone, I am Captain Don Chancey.  About 15 years ago I discovered offshCaptain Don Chanceyore fishing, taking trips off the East coast of Florida and trolling for dolphin. I found that when I returned home I missed the  experience. So every ounce of free time I had was spent on the water off the coast of Homosassa learning the waters and exploring the inshore and offshore fishery.

I took my passion and the skills I’d gained from my fishing trips, obtained my captain’s license and decided to take my fishing home and share my knowledge with others.

The best thing (on top of catching some excellent tasting fish) is enjoying a day on the water with my clients. I worked with the public for twenty years as a meat manager at a major grocery chain, and my life revolved around customer service.

So I invite you to spend a day on the water with me, Captain Don Chancey. I guarantee a day of serious fishing combined with a few laughs and some memorable moments.