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What is the Difference between Florida Flats Fishing and Deep Sea Fishing?

When you are planning a fishing trip for your family, it is essential that you understand the different types of trips that can be booked. Florida is known as the fishing capital of the world, giving you access to top-notch fishing locations. You should compare the benefits of Florida flats fishing to deep sea fishing before you schedule your vacation.

What You Need to Know about Florida Flats Fishing

flats fishing gear

A new fisherman might not be familiar with the term “flats fishing.” These fishing areas are in shallow water, giving you access to different types of fish. On a deep sea fishing trip, you will be on a boat in open water. But, flats fishing is usually in water that is 10 feet deep or less.

If you hear the term flats fishing, then it is probably referring to the seagrass flats. Not only are small fish often found in these locations, but the larger predatory fish come in to hunt.

Even though the water is shallow, you can still catch big saltwater fish. In Florida, there are many areas in Homosassa and along the Crystal River where the fish are protected by inlets and natural sanctuaries created by the islands. We can find a quiet location off the beaten path, giving you access to some of the best fishing in the area.

Relax on the Boat and Catch Your Dinner

The biggest benefit to flats fishing is that you can catch big saltwater fish without spending the day on a rocking boat. Open water fishing can be hard for people who suffer from seasickness. There is constant motion because the boat will rock when the waves hit the side. If someone gets seasick, then they find it difficult to focus on their fishing gear because of their upset stomach.

In comparison, the water on a flats fishing trip is usually calm and glassy. Since we will be fishing in a quiet, protected area, you don’t have to worry about seasickness. If your stomach starts to get upset, then you always have a shoreline nearby where you can look to calm the sickness.

When the boat is parked in a shallow area, you can drop your line and enjoy a cold drink while you are waiting for a bite. You are welcome to bring a cooler of drinks, as well as snacks and lunch to enjoy throughout the day.

Some people like to use waders in the flats fishing areas. But, it can be a hassle to move around in the water with your gear. Plus, the motion in the water might scare away the fish that are in the area. So, a better option is to schedule a Florida flats fishing charter so that you can stay on the boat while catching your dinner.

Book Your Fishing Trip

When you are ready to schedule a time for Florida flats fishing, then you need to talk to Captain Don Chancey. Flats Chance Charters is one of the leading fishing companies in Homosassa and Crystal River. Call us today: (352) 303-9399



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